Understanding American Muslim Converts

Understanding American Muslim Converts in the Context of Security and Society

This project, funded by the Minerva Initiative is a collaboration with colleagues at GCORE (co-PI Dr. Scott Flower), the University of Melbourne, Queensland University of Technology and Monash University. The project will run for three years (beginning 1 October 2015) and seeks to understand the scale of growth, causes and processes of Islamic conversion in America and to contextualize and understand the emerging trend for US converts to be statistically overrepresented for involvement in Islamic extremism and religiously motivated violence relative to those who are born as Muslim. Through such knowledge we seek to establish a clearer empirical understanding of Muslim converts in America which may improve social cohesion and interfaith dialogue between non-Muslim and Muslim Americans working together to strengthen global security.

PI & Contact Person: John Horgan (jhorgan@gsu.edu)

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