TCV Fellowship

The TCV initiative, an interdisciplinary group of faculty and doctoral students from the programs of Anthropology, Communication, Computer Science, English, the Middle East Institute, Political Science, Psychology, and Religious Studies that work together to analyze the causes and solutions to transcultural conflict and violence. Each year, new and returning students compete for twelve positions that the university has allocated to the TCV initiative.

Fellows conduct research with our affiliated faculty group working on various topics related to transcultural conflict and violence for 20 hours per week throughout the year. They gain experience writing grants, working on interdisciplinary research teams, and co-authoring with nationally and internationally recognized faculty working in the area (see what our current Fellows are working on). Fellows have research advisors that can shift over time based on project priorities.
Fellows are paid a minimum of $22,000 and receive a full tuition waiver. If fellows have skill sets desired by externally funded faculty members, their salaries can be supplemented, but the total number of weekly hours of work cannot exceed 20.
While fellows have no expected teaching obligations, they can teach a maximum of one course per year if they choose.
Fellowships are renewable for up to four years based on timely progress in the fellow’s degree program, a documented track record of professional progress by the student, and a productive contribution to the TCV initiative. Renewals occur annually.

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