Monerah Al Mahmoud is a Research Coordinator in the Transcultural Violence and Extremism Initiative (TCV).

Al Mahmoud earned her master’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Kent State University in 2012.  She also possesses a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Princes Nora University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Currently, she is working toward her Ph.D. in Education at the University of Rochester focusing on the influence of using social media on adolescents identity development.

Most recently, she worked as a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Rochester.  Her background includes analyses of data for research-focused writing and publication.

Al Mahmoud also has experience in data collection and analysis for qualitative and quantitative research and publications. As a fluent speaker of both English and Arabic, she also brings expert language and translation skills to the position. Monerah joined the department in August 2019.