Postdoctoral Appointments

The Post-Doctoral Appointment is a one year term with the TCVE. The goal is to identify solutions for reducing the impacts of transcultural conflicts, and detect predictive indicators of future transcultural conflicts. See our Notable Alumni page to meet our former team members.

Kareem El Damanhoury obtained his Ph.D. in Communication from Georgia State University and an M.A. in in Communication and Development from the Scripps School of Communication at Ohio University.  He also earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Cairo University.

His research focuses on visual communication, international/intercultural communication, and media and conflict.  El Damanhoury is also a working journalist with CNN International and has covered news stories in the U.S. and abroad.  His experience includes teaching classes at Georgia State, including Digital Journalism and Introduction to Communication.  El Damanhoury has also helped develop training materials for Imams from MENA for the Carter Center in Atlanta.

Much of Dr. El Damanhoury’s work centers on political communication and the visual framing and propaganda of militant organizations.  His expertise includes data analysis and reporting using SPSS as well as news production and video editing skills.  El Damanhoury speaks fluent English and Arabic as well as beginning Spanish.

Research and Published Studies:

El Damanhoury, K. & Winkler, C. (2018). Picturing law and order: A visual framing analysis of ISIS's Dabiq magazine. Journal of Arab Media & Society, Winter/Spring (25), p. 1-20.

El Damanhoury, K., Winkler, C., Kaczkowski, W., & Dicker, A. (2018). Examining the military–media nexus in ISIS’s provincial photography campaign. Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict, 1-20.

Winkler, C., El Damanhoury, K., Dicker, A., & Lemieux, A. F. (2018). Images of death and dying in ISIS media: A comparison of English and Arabic print publications. Media, War & Conflict. doi:10.1177/1750635217746200

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Saks, J., Compton, J. L., Hopkins, A., & El Damanhoury, K. (2016). Dialed in: Continuous response measures in televised political debates and their effect on viewers. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 60(2), 231-247.

Book Chapters:

El Damanhoury, K. The visual depiction of statehood in Daesh’s Dabiq magazine and al-Naba’ newsletter. Winkler, C. (Ed.) [forthcoming 2019].   Networking Argument. New York, NY: Routledge.


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Winkler, C., El Damanhoury, K., & Lemieux, A. “Daesh’s use of authority in al-Naba’ newsletter,” International Society for the Study of Argument, Wake Forest University, Venice, Italy, June 2016.

El Damanhoury, K. (2016).  “The visual Strategies in Daesh’s media campaign,” Presentation at Middle East Studies Center, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA.

El Damanhoury, K.  (2016).  “Religious discourse and rhetoric in militant groups’ publications,” Presentation at Religious Studies Department, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA.

Lemieux, A. F., Winkler, C., Rogers, A., Levitt, J., El Damanhoury, K., & Dicker, A.  (2016) “Dissecting Dabiq: A critical analysis of the potential, role, and impact of ISIL’s English-language magazine,” International Studies Association, Atlanta, GA.


2017 - Top Student Paper Award

Int'l and Intercultural Communication Division, National Communication Association

2017 - Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Communication Department

Georgia State University

2016          Inaugural Graduate Fellow, Center for Global Information Studies

Georgia State University