Outstanding Academic Achievement Award: Michael Jablonski

Posted On June 14, 2016
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Michael Jablonski received the Outstanding Academic Achievement by a Graduate Student Award from the Department of Communication. This award is presented to a graduate student who has completed 24 hours of graduate coursework, has a GPA of 4.0, and has demonstrated excellence in their chosen field of study.

Jablonski presented two papers this year at… more »

Faculty Spotlight: Mia Bloom

Dr. Mia Bloom conducts ethnographic field research in Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia and speaks eight languages. She has authored books and articles on terrorism and violent extremism including Dying to Kill: The Allure of Suicide Terror (2005), Living Together After Ethnic Killing [with Roy Licklider] (2007), Bombshell: Women and Terror (2011), and… more »

What drives siblings to unite in terror?

Posted On April 8, 2016
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Mia Bloom speaks to The New York Times after it was discovered two of the Brussels suicide bombers were brothers. Bloom estimates that around 30 percent of terror group members share family ties, and recruitment is beginning on entire families in Europe: “Right now, we are seeing a lot of siblings carrying out these attacks,”… more »

Islamic State Increasing Use of Children and Youth for Military Ends, Georgia State Study Shows

Posted On March 11, 2016
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ATLANTA–The Islamic State’s use of children and youth for military ends, including as soldiers, suicide bombers and propagandists, has become routine and is accelerating, a study by Georgia State University researchers shows.

Their report, “Depictions of Children and Youth in the Islamic State’s Martyrdom Propaganda, 2015-2016” was published in the February 2016 issue of… more »

The Guardian highlights Powers and Jablonski’s discussion on internet freedom and Google

Posted On March 10, 2016
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The Real Cyber War by Shawn Powers and Michael Jablonski is featured in an article that explores Google’s Jigsaw. Google’s new holding company, Alphabet, recently rebranded Google Ideas to Jigsaw. Jigsaw’s stated mission is to use technology to tackle geopolitics. The book is referenced while discussing Google’s dominance of the data economy. Read… more »

Dr. Shawn Powers’ examines secrecy in international relations for The Guardian

Posted On September 17, 2015
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In an August 12, 2015 interview of The Guardian, Dr. Shawn Powers, an Assistant Professor of Communication at Georgia State University, discussed the importance of secrecy in correspondence, within the sphere of international relations.

Powers recounts that countries often maintained a standard of respect for privacy throughout history. However, with the height of the Internet… more »