How worried are you? Are Americans prepared for the coronavirus outbreak

ATLANTA — The coronavirus outbreak is now set to become a global pandemic, with new cases being reported across the globe. But experts say some may not be making the necessary preparations.

In this Business Insider article, professor of Communication Dr. Tony Lemieux shares how some Americans might be complacent about the growing threat.

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Our Research in the News: Holocaust Remembrance After Communism

Political Science professor Jelena Subotic is featured in the Financial Times discussing how 75 years after the Holocaust, it is still viewed through different prisms. The article coincides with International Holocaust Remembrance Day observed on January 27th, 2020.

In the article Yellow Star, Red Star: Holocaust Remembrance After Communism Dr. Subotic discusses how some eastern European… more »

Women & Terrorism: Author, Expert Presents New Research at Global Forum in Qatar

December 20, 2019

ATLANTA ­— Dr. Mia Bloom presented new research at the Doha Forum in Qatar during a panel discussion on “How ISIS Wins Women, How Women Win the War Against ISIS.”

Dr. Bloom presented new findings from her forthcoming book “Veiled Threats: Women & the Global Jihad.” This is Bloom’s fifth… more »

The Attack that Changed the Future of Terror Investigations

December 14, 2019

ATLANTA — A new movie about the Centennial Olympic Park bomber is renewing focus on the deadly domestic terror attack and how it was handled. Georgia State University Associate Professor of Communication Dr. Anthony Lemieux spoke recently to The History Channel about how the attack and investigation played out.

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No Place to Hide, No Place to Post …

December 06, 2019

ATLANTA — Facing pressure, the social media site Telegram has stopped hosting ISIS media channels used to share propaganda.  Georgia State Professor Dr. Mia Bloom weighs in on what happens when groups are ‘de-platformed’ and what happens to their message.  It also has implications for the group’s follower and the terror researchers who… more »

Professor Gives Keynote Address on Gender and Terrorism

Posted On November 12, 2019
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November 12, 2019

ATLANTA— Dr. Mia Bloom presented the keynote address at Monash University in Australia at the recent conference on gender and terrorism. The summit “Gendered Approaches to Violent Extremism and Terrorism: Building a Research Agenda” was hosted by the Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre in Melbourne.

The Monash GPS conference brought together experts… more »