To celebrate the start of Georgia State University’s second century, the university set a campus-wide goal of adding100 faculty between 2010 and 2015. The primary goal of the second century initiative (2CI) is to build nationally and/or internationally recognized strength and critical mass around common research themes to enhance Georgia State University’s overall quality, interdisciplinary richness, and competitiveness. In 2011, the Departments of Communication, Computer Science, English, and Religious Studies, as well as the Middle East Institute, submitted a proposal on Transcultural Conflict and Violence that was selected for funding.

Four faculty were hired as part of the Transcultural Conflict and Violence Initiative. They are Mia Bloom (Ph.D. Columbia University), John Horgan (Ph.D. University College Cork, Ireland), Nadia Latif (Ph.D. Columbia University), and Tony Lemieux (Ph.D. University of Connecticut). Additionally, the Transcultural Conflict and Violence Initiative has twelve Presidential Fellowships for doctoral students working in related areas. To date, the fellows are pursuing doctoral degrees in Communication Studies, Computer Science, Political Science, and Psychology