TCV faculty and Presidential Fellows have access to high quality media production facilities to strengthen research related to the rapidly evolving global communications environment. Two facilities that allow for the creation and testing of audio, visual, and text-based messages include:

The Georgia Media Arts Consortium is core production and video/audio post-production facility that produces broadcast quality programming, creates multimedia stimuli for research experiments, and facilitiesprovides a movie theatre, audience testing space.

  • Production Studio – Our studio space (2,500 sq. ft. with 17 ft. ceiling) is equipped with a lighting grid, a green screen cyclorama wall, and audio/video connectivity to audio and media editing suites.
  • Audience Response Theater – Our theatre (1,600 sq. ft. with 17 ft. ceiling) is used for audience-response testing. The 35-seat auditorium with adjoining projection booth is equipped with specialty projection screen, projector, lighting, sound system, audiovisual playback components, and routing system.
• Media Editing Suite – Our media editing suite (225 sp. ft.) is equipped with a specialized iMac workstation with audio-video interface devices, video display, audio playback system, audio/video connectivity with machine room and other editing suites.
• Audio Recording Studio and Editing Suite – Our hybrid studio-suite is equipped with specialized acoustic treatment, specialty task lighting, specialized iMac workstations with audio-video interface devices, video display, audio playback system, audio/video connectivity with other editing suites, theater, and production studio.

Funded by a 2015 $23 million dollar grant from the Woodruff Foundation, the Creative Media Industries Institute, located at 25 Park Place and scheduled to open in Fall of 2016, is a core facility designed to facilitate interdisciplinary research into game design and development, visual and augmented reality, sound design, media analytics and data visualization, and audience response.Cube Streetview1

• Motion Capture Studio
• Data Visualization Lab
• Online Audience Survey Lab
• Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Lab
• Applications Lab
• Game Usability Lab