Analyzing Extremists’ Strategic Communication Campaigns

Mobilizing Media: A Deep and Comparative Analysis of Magazines, Music, and Videos in the Context of Terrorism

This project is a five-year analysis of the strategic Mobilizing Media: Inspirecommunication approach used by extreme jihadist groups. Georgia State University, in partnership with scholars from the City College of New York, United States Military Academy, the University of London, and aiding consultants aim to study multi-sensory aspects of numerous media platforms in order to establish a foundation of understanding on how these groups use their communication strategies to force their opposition to submit and influence their supporters. Using the guide perspectives of Cultivation Theory, Multi-modal Processing, and the Information, Motivational, Behavior Skills (IMB) Model of Behavioral Change, the array of media content mediums will be systematically analyzed to comprehend how jihadist communication techniques link to violent actions. The types of media content that will be acquired, analyzed for common themes, and then shared include magazines, music, and videos. The planned methodology for the research will be to establish a collection of content, conduct thematic analysis, and analyze the text and context of the sources. This research is relevant because it will provide fundamental information for national defense purposes and give insights on how to curb the efforts of terrorist propaganda and communication. Additionally, this research will serve as a springboard for future research endeavors on the subject and provide academic materials to further the study on terrorism and violence.

PI and Contact Person: Anthony Lemieux (