Islamic State Increasing Use of Children and Youth for Military Ends, Georgia State Study Shows

Posted On March 11, 2016
Categories ISIS

ATLANTA–The Islamic State’s use of children and youth for military ends, including as soldiers, suicide bombers and propagandists, has become routine and is accelerating, a study by Georgia State University researchers shows.

Their report, “Depictions of Children and Youth in the Islamic State’s Martyrdom Propaganda, 2015-2016” was published in the February 2016 issue of the West Point Counter Terrorism Center’s journal, the CTC Sentinel.

It comprises the first data-based analysis of how the Islamic State, also commonly referred to in the United States as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), exploits young people. The findings are based on a coded archive of Islamic State propaganda compiled and analyzed by Georgia State researchers.

The research team included Professor Mia Bloom of the Department of Communication, Professor John Horgan of the Department of Psychology and the university’s Global Studies Institute and Senior Research Associate Charlie Winter of the university’s Transcultural Conflict and Violence Initiative.

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