Dr. Shawn Powers’ examines secrecy in international relations for The Guardian

Posted On September 17, 2015
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In an August 12, 2015 interview of The Guardian, Dr. Shawn Powers, an Assistant Professor of Communication at Georgia State University, discussed the importance of secrecy in correspondence, within the sphere of international relations.

Powers recounts that countries often maintained a standard of respect for privacy throughout history. However, with the height of the Internet and Snowden’s WikiLeaks, a strong and growing sense of mistrust has emerged about supposedly private online correspondence that can be dangerous to international relations and to democratic societies. He also indicates that implementing new security models to help protect privacy have cost businesses around $180 million.

Powers proposes an absolute guarantee of Internet privacy be put into place to foster goodwill among society and on the world stage.

For more on Power’s views on secrecy and correspondence, see The Guardian article.