Dr. Mia Bloom explores ISIS’ treatment of women for the Washington Post

Posted On September 17, 2015
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In a June 4, 2015 Washington Post article Dr. Mia Bloom, a Professor of Communication at Georgia State University, offers six eye-opening facts regarding how the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria inflict violence and horror on the women they capture as spoils of war.

According to Bloom, ISIS maintains that they have religious sanction and historical traditions on its side for raping women and forcing them into enslavement and marriage. Captured women are “married” and “divorced” multiple times as they are passed on to man after man. One woman, who eventually escaped from ISIS, stated she was married 22 times in one weekend.

Bloom, however, insists that ISIS is not abiding by ancient Islamic laws laid out by the Prophet Muhammad in the Hadith. In the rules of the Hadith, men are to provide women a 30-day waiting period between marriages, and free those who become pregnant. In the present day, moveover most Muslim authorities do not practice slavery.

To learn more about Bloom’s insights on ISIS women see the full article in the Washington Post.