Dr. Mia Bloom discusses the role of women in ISIS for The Daily Beast

Posted On September 17, 2015
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In an interview with The Daily Beast, Dr. Mia Bloom, a Professor of Communication at Georgia State University, commented on the case of Umm Sayaff. U.S. troops took Sayaff into custody after her husband, Abu Sayaff, chief financier for ISIS, was killed in a raid.

Umm Sayyaf provided valuable information to officials during her questioning. While women of ISIS have been questioned before, she is the first high-ranking woman to be questioned.

Bloom argues, the three roles that ISIS women have within their new families are to recruit, reward, and retain. Even if they do not hold commanding roles, women in ISIS nevertheless have influence and a network of their own.

Dr. Mia Bloom’s further statements on the subject can be found in the July 5, 2015 The Daily Beast .