Dr. John Horgan discusses graphic violence in ISIS videos for Vocativ

Posted On September 17, 2015
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In a June 24, 2015 interview with Vocativ, Georgia State Professor of Global Studies and Psychology John Horgan sheds light on the increasing level of violence and brutality in ISIS videos. Horgan explains that since mid-2014, ISIS has produced videos for propaganda purposes; however their June 23rd video reached a new level of intensity. ISIS executed male prisoners through mass beheadings, burned prisoners who were strapped to cars to death and drowned other citizens live on camera.

Horgan maintains, “This is sadism at a clinical level” and prospective recruits will view these videos as “terrorist clickbait.”  While these videos appear to have followers’ support, they also have the potential to turn away potential supporters who adhere strictly to Islamic law and morals.

Horgan speculates that the increased graphic violence in the videos could be the result of “the fear of irrelevance or viewer fatigue” of ISIS media.

For Horgan’s further views on the subject click here for the full Vocativ article.